Ultimate Fireplace PRO
26 APP STORE #1’s   |   UK #1  /  US #1  /  CANADA #1  /  AUSTRALIA #1

Presumably due to the success of Ultimate Fireplace HD, Apple kindly sent us a pre-release Apple TV 4 in 2015. In the box was a note saying “now go make an app” which is what we did. Although predominately an Apple TV app, Ultimate Fireplace PRO is also available for iPhone and iPad.


As an iOS app Ultimate Fireplace PRO claims 2 App Store #1’s and 18 Top 5’s. Including #4 in Canada and the US and #6 in the UK. As an Apple TV app however, Ultimate Fireplace PRO boasts a massive 26 App Store #1’s in the Lifestyle Category including the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Ultimate Fireplace PRO has a US (all version) App Store rating of 4.5.

4K Fireplace
15 APP STORE #1’s   |   UK #1  /  US #2  /  CANADA #2  /  AUSTRALIA #2

Released in December 2018 as the third app in my fireplace collection, 4K Fireplace was built for Apple TV 4K, iPhone and iPad. It was released in 13 languages and clocked up 12 App Store #1’s in its first month alone. As I write this, 4K Fireplace has reached #1 in 15 countries and is the #2 Lifestyle app for Apple TV Canada, the US and Australia.