Ultimate Fireplace HD
27 APP STORE #1’s    |   UK #3  /  US #3  /  CANADA #3  /  AUSTRALIA #2

This little app was the first of my three virtual fireplace apps and remains the most popular to this day. Although only a 720p resolution movie, it’s a beautiful fireplace and a favourite of the seven I offer.

Users can enjoy the fireplace on their device or stream it to their Apple TV 3. A bespoke soundtrack can also be played alongside the movie via an integrated music player.


Ultimate Fireplace HD remains my most popular Lifestyle app reaching App Store #1 in 27 countries. It’s also a #3 app in the US, UK and Canada and has enjoyed an App Store #2 position in Australia.

Following some negotiation with Apple, Ultimate Fireplace was allowed to include the wording “for Apple TV” within it’s title, becoming Ultimate Fireplace for Apple TV. It was also my first app to be localised into 13 languages and has proved to be very popular in Germany.