Mindful Me
20 APP STORE TOP 5’s    |    UK #17  /  US #27  /  CANADA #8  /  AUSTRALIA #16

Mindful Me has a collection of 16 HD tones that chime throughout the day, reminding the user to stop, breathe and relax. A text notification also appears for a silent alert.

Although the app launched with a minimal white UI, it was quickly flipped into the UI you see today. The tree element that grows and sheds its leaves, toggles the reminders On/Off. A fun animation thats effective as well as neat.


Mindful Me is localised into 13 languages and has proven extremely popular in Brazil, where its often featured and has reached App Store #1. In the Health and Fitness category, Mindful Me has reached App Store #8 in Canada, #16 in Australia, #17 in the UK and #27 in the US.

Mindful Me is popular amongst its users and has a US (all version) App Store rating of 4.5.