Focus: Chakra Meditation
8 APP STORE #1’s   /   INDIA #1   /   UK #4   /   US #10   /   CANADA #5    /   AUSTRALIA #3

Created using a mash up of stock elements, Focus is the most vector rich of all my app UI’s. I enjoyed making this app and love the colours. Particularly the icon.

Featuring the music of the talented composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Focus invites the user to meditate on the 7 chakras of the body whilst enjoying music from the album “Seven Sacred Centres”.


Even in a challenging category such as Health & Fitness, Focus has achieved 8 App Store #1’s and 33 Top 5’s, peaking at #3 in Australia, #4 in the UK and #5 in Canada. In the US Focus has reached App Store #10.

Focus has a US (all version) App Store rating of 4.5.