Complete Relaxation PRO & Lite
34 APP STORE #1’s   |   UK #1  /  US #4  /  CANADA #1  /  AUSTRALIA #1

Released in 2012 Complete Relaxation features a guided meditation written and recorded by myself, Ross Puddle. Features include a statistics screen, reminders UI, 5 soundtracks, a second guide and a choice of endings. There’s also a free version where additional content can be purchased via an IAP.


Complete Relaxation is currently featured in the UK & Australia within the App Store Homepage and Category Collection list. Since launch the app been featured by Apple within all key territories.

In the App Store Complete Relaxation has reached #1 in a whopping 34 countries including the UK, Australia and Canada. Its also reached #4 in the US. Part of its early success was due to the keywords “Meditation” and “Mindfulness” for which it ranked #1 in numerous countries. 91% of users rate Complete Relaxation 5/5 giving it an (all version) US rating of 5.0.