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498,563 Installs! Almost there

So Close! I have a bottle of bubbly standing by! Not long to half a million! In the meantime I will continue working on my side project, which will be revealed soon. It's a side step for Zenoki Ltd and will come as a surprise to some. Exciting though! Stay tuned.

Apple use Serenity for 6+ Promotion!

Serenity chosen by Apple to promote their iPhone 6+ In a moment of wonder that will (possibly) never be repeated, Serenity: Meditation Timer has been chosen my Apple to help market their new iPhone 6+! The app, in all it's glory, is being featured by Apple in every Apple Store Worldwide as a part of the summer 2016 promotion. Appearing set within an iPhone 6+, Serenity's main page UI will be displayed in giant retail banners from London to New [...]

Mindful Me goes blue!

A new look for our popular free app Mindful me launched with grey text on a white background, the classic generic look. It also featured a clever bulb element to "switch on and off" the apps function. I loved the bulb element, but the overall felt the look of the app just wasn't right. In as much as it didn't wow me! If you didn't already know this, then it might surprise you to learn that I create all of [...]

NEW APP RELEASE – 1001 Inspirational Quotes

1001 Inspirational Quotes Featuring the words and wisdom of the greatest leaders, poets, writers and alternative thinkers. From Henry Ford, to Steve Jobs, Walt Disney to J. K. Rowling, Winston Churchill to Denzel Washington. You'll find over 500 of the planets most influencial minds, here, together, in a single app. • 1001 Inspirational Quotes, packed with energy! • Over 19,000 powerful words. • Simply browse the quotes or roll the dice to shuffle. • Collect your favourites or dive into the full list. No adverts, logins [...]

Serenity Meditation Timer: Localisation

Serenity learns new languages To be honest, the localisation of this app has been tough! It took me months to create the near on 900 images contained within Serenity, with each help screen and promotional screenshot meticulously translated into German, French, Italian, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Spanish (European and Latin American), Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean and Japanese. Phew! I also removed the Music Player in-app purchase making it free to all users. Plus upgraded the code so it works [...]