NEW APP RELEASE – Ultimate Fireplace 1080

NEW APP RELEASE – Ultimate Fireplace 1080

Our first Apple TV 4 app

With the launch of the new Apple TV 4 comes a fresh app from Zenoki Ltd. Bouncing off the success of our Apple TV 3 app, Ultimate Fireplace, we proudly release Ultimate Fireplace HD. A new 1080p fireplace app for all iOS devices and the Apple TV 4.

Ultimate Fireplace 1080p for iOS and Apple TV 4

Three perfectly looped real log fires, professionally filmed in 1080p to provide the Ultimate Fireplace experience. Clear, crisp and with incredible clarity, there really is nothing quite like it!

Install, relax and drift away to the sounds of a real wood fire crackling gently in the background, as you gaze softly into the dancing flames. A picture so real, you can almost feel the warmth against your skin!

Add instant atmosphere to any occasion with a choice of three stunning fireplaces, Cozy, Crackling and Roaring. Perfect for a romantic night in, a party, or just a doze in the comfort of your favourite chair.

All three videos look fabulous on iPhone, iPad and your new Apple TV 4. You won’t be disappointed!