What’s that? Another new app?

Yup! And this ones free!

Mindful Me: For Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga and more

We all need to pause, take a deep breath and appreciate the moment. But with life’s distractions, simulations and noise, this isn’t as easy as it sounds! Just remembering to focus your mind, if only for a minute, has become difficult. This is where Mindful Me can help.

Simply choose your desired tone, adjust the volume, set the notification frequency and allow Mindful Me to discreetly remind you to stop and breathe. Giving thanks and gratitude, if only for the breath itself. You can even define Quite Times for when you simply cannot be disturbed, allowing you to leave Mindful Me running 24/7 in the background.

• A collection of 16 Mindfulness Tones, Digital HD quality.
• An independent volume slider for tone alert
• The ability to mute tones for text only vibrational notifications.
• Total freedom over notification frequency. From every 1 min to 23:59 mins.
• You can also define and save Quite Times for when you cannot be disturbed.
• Universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Tibetan Chimes, Gong’s, Bells and Singing Bowls form part of your 16-tone HD collection. Professionally recorded in a digital studio, these tones sound amazing! They’re clear, crisp and loaded with energy.

This simple but effective app is the latest in the Zenoki range, designed to inspire and provoke a positive change. We hope you enjoy it.