Mindful Me goes blue!

Mindful Me goes blue!

A new look for our popular free app

Mindful me launched with grey text on a white background, the classic generic look. It also featured a clever bulb element to “switch on and off” the apps function. I loved the bulb element, but the overall felt the look of the app just wasn’t right. In as much as it didn’t wow me! If you didn’t already know this, then it might surprise you to learn that I create all of Zenoki apps. Starting with a blank page I tinker, I procrastinate, I iterate and I tug my hair. This goes on for a while until I can look my the new app and say yes! This is the one. For Mindful me, I just wasn’t sure. So its had a refresh! I think it looks fabulous now and you agree! Because Mindful me has quickly become my second most popular app after Complete Relaxation.

Along with the new blue UI, Mindful Me lost its bulb element which was replaced with an animated tree. In fact, the new look app was so impressive I decided to translate the entire app into German, French, Italian, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Spanish (European and Latin American), Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean and Japanese.

There is another update for this app on its way. More information to come!

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