Get to know your Guide – Ross, Part 1

Get to know your Guide – Ross, Part 1

An Introduction

Chances are, you know me by now or at least have heard my voice. My name is Ross, I’m one of the two guides from the Full Version of Complete Relaxation, our premium relaxation and meditation app. I was born on the South Coast of England in the small but popular sailing village of Bosham. Once a important Saxon settlement this stunning village is popular with visitors and residents alike. There’s a pretty Church a great selection of pubs and a natural curved tidal harbour packed with colourful boats. In my mind, when I picture Bosham, its always summer, always warm, always friendly and ever so calm… I know, it sounds pretty great! Well it was… and still is! Sadly its no longer my home, but it was for near on 30 years so it’ll always have a place in my heart. For me, this is where the story starts.

Growing up, life was good. We lived comfortably in a small cottage my Dad extended before I was born, it was a gift of love for my Mum in the late 70’s, decorated and furnished just for her. Although the green swirly carpet and yellow kitchen weren’t to my liking… They were a happy couple and we called it home.

My Mum was and still is new-age. As kids we were fed on fruit and vegetables, given flower extracts for aliments and were constantly banging our heads on crystals, dangling about the house. She was also the one who introduced me to meditation, and the thoughts of those such as Wayne Dyer, Deepka Chopra and more. I found all this fascinating as a teenager… the power of attraction especially! I’d listen to meditation cassettes, practice self hypnosis and imagine my future. My life plan was very specific, I longed for my dream job, to work as a Radio Presenter. In fact I spent so much time indulging myself in this fantasy, that I shouldn’t really have been surprised when the world lined up and a door opened.

My Career

I was 16 when I presented my first radio show on a small local station, so small in fact that we broadcasted from an algae green caravan in someone back yard! Totally amateur, but a lot of fun! This, as it often does, led to another opportunity, and another, and so on. With each hop the radio stations became bigger and the jobs more exciting! A year in TV passed, along with a spell in writing and production. Those first 10 years of my radio career where fast and very exciting!

So what about meditation? I hear you cry. Did you keep that up? Yes I did. During this period my interest grew and I continued to read, learn and listen, I had, and still have, an open and inquisitive mind. I also started to spend more time outside, walking, sitting and thinking! I’d often skip school to walk the South Downs Nature Park near my home, just to sit in the sun and ponder life. This was what it was all about for me, life was meant to be lived. Life was supposed to easy. That said bills needed to be paid and the radio work continued. Not that I didn’t enjoy my job, far from it in fact! Still to this day, there are only a few things that bring a smile to my face quicker than wandering into a broadcast studio.

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