A new platform release

A new platform release

Complete Relaxation on Google Play

I cannot tell you how much of a challenge producing these apps have been! I think they have taken almost 18 months to prepare, from a budgeted time for 8 weeks. But, that’s all in the past now as the celebration is well underway! Zenoki have finally embraced the Android market and as of today, Complete Relaxation on Google Play.

We have both Complete Relaxation Full and Complete Relaxation Lite on the Google Play Store. The look of the apps is slightly different to our iOS versions, but still retains the same overall feel and ambiance.

So to the future? Well, for Android, we’re going to take it a little easy. Sit, take a break and soak it all in for a month or two… then and only then, shall we start on the next app for this platform. It’s been that much of a challenge!

Here’s to the success of our first two mediation apps on Android. “Clink…”