Author - Ross Puddle

300,000 Zenoki App Users!

Another milestone With competition in the App Store at its highest level yet, it can be tough keeping our heads above water. With roughly 1.5 Million apps on the App Store as of today, achieving a top 10 position is a little trickers than before. That said all of our apps have hit the top 5 and even obtained number 1 spots in their categories over the past few months... which is something to be proud of. And I am [...]

Focus Chakra Meditation – Localisation

New Version Release Baring in mind Focus, the Chakra Meditation, contains over 2,000 words of text, this localisation has been a long time coming! But I'm thrilled to announce that the app is now available in: German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Serenity, the Meditation Timer, is next on the list for localisation... watch this space!

NEW APP RELEASE – Ultimate Fireplace 1080

Our first Apple TV 4 app With the launch of the new Apple TV 4 comes a fresh app from Zenoki Ltd. Bouncing off the success of our Apple TV 3 app, Ultimate Fireplace, we proudly release Ultimate Fireplace HD. A new 1080p fireplace app for all iOS devices and the Apple TV 4. Ultimate Fireplace 1080p for iOS and Apple TV 4 Three perfectly looped real log fires, professionally filmed in 1080p to provide the Ultimate Fireplace experience. Clear, crisp and [...]

iOS 8 Update for Compete Relaxation

Subtle changes in the new release Complete Relaxation Lite and Full have had a refresh. For both apps we've added a new short version of the main meditation called "Just Relax". Running for only 13 minutes, "Just Relax" features the first part of the main meditation without the affirmations. So, what you're left with is a full body relaxation followed by a gentle wake up finish... perfect for when time is short or you want to just relax! This [...]

NEW APP RELEASE – Serenity Meditation Timer

Serenity: Meditation Timer for Mindfulness, Pilates, Zazen, Reiki and more Serenity is a beautifully crafted enhanced Meditation Timer, perfect for quiet contemplation, stillness and defined focus. Take a deep breath, relax, and allow Serenity to guide you through your daily meditation. Chiming gently throughout your session at times chosen by you. Tibetan Chimes, Singing Bowls, Gongs, Bells and even Didgeridoos form part of your 16-tone collection. Recorded in an HD studio with the utmost of care, these tones sound just incredible. [...]