Author - Ross Puddle

No 1 in 63 countries

More Fabulous Stats! Last year we had accumulated Number 1's in 43 App Store's, this year we're up to 63. That's 63 individual countries where one or more of our apps have made it to the top spot. Numerous times for a couple of the apps! The big boys include our home here in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Across mainland Europe, we've made it to Number 1 in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Holland and Belgium. However... we're [...]

7,6 Million unique visitors

The stats are in! Over the past 12 months, in the iOS App Store, our apps have collectively gained 7,694.382 unique visitors. That's an average of 641,198 per month (as per Apple Analytics). Installs, revenue and happiness level are also up for the past year. So all is good! Well done everyone... he says looking in the mirror :)

521,435 app installs

Over half a million installs As of March 2017 there were 2.2 Million apps on the Apple App Store. When we started out in 2012 there were "only" 580,000. It's a competitive market... but we're still there. In fact we're up 20% on last year. Which is great! Plus, as of this beautiful sunny day in August, the Zenoki collection has just clocked 521,435 installs! POP goes the bubbly. :)

Apple use Serenity for 6+ Promotion!

Serenity chosen by Apple to promote their iPhone 6+ In a moment of wonder that will (possibly) never be repeated, Serenity: Meditation Timer has been chosen my Apple to help market their new iPhone 6+! The app, in all it's glory, is being featured by Apple in every Apple Store Worldwide as a part of the summer 2016 promotion. Appearing set within an iPhone 6+, Serenity's main page UI will be displayed in giant retail banners from London to New [...]

Mindful Me goes blue!

A new look for our popular free app Mindful me launched with grey text on a white background, the classic generic look. It also featured a clever bulb element to "switch on and off" the apps function. I loved the bulb element, but the overall felt the look of the app just wasn't right. In as much as it didn't wow me! If you didn't already know this, then it might surprise you to learn that I create all of [...]