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Returning winter 2017

Complete Relaxation: The Lite Version – ANDROID

Featuring the latest relaxation techniques, the Lite Version of our guided meditation app will ease every muscle in your body. Leaving you calm, centered and ready for a good nights sleep.

Try it today and enjoy a little more peace in your life. We’re sure you’ll notice the difference!

*Over 400,000 Users Worldwide*

Set to a beautiful bespoke composition edited to work seamlessly alongside the meditation script. Our app starts with a guided journey through the body, relaxing each and every muscle from your head to your toes. Before you’re invited to float down into state of complete relaxation. This is where the positive affirmations being!

Already enjoyed by over 400,000 users to date, this is a truly wonderful meditation that will leave you feeling relaxed, recharged and ready to face life’s challenges with a smile!

For more features and an additional meditation recording, do check out the full version. Also available on the Play Store.

*The Experience*

Beautifully read by the UK’s Ross Puddle, this, our free and introductory meditation, is of similar length to the full version mentioned above. But is offered without the additional meditation and extra features of its premium brother. That said, even as a free lite version it easily holds its own in on the Google Play Store, and gives you an awesome introduction to our powerful meditation techniques!

* Meditation Music *

All our meditations are set to the stunning music of Australian composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D. Complete Relaxation features a bespoke mix of his hypnotic tracks “The Essence of Peace” and the angelic “Heavens Gate”. Which as you’ll hear are meditations in their own rights. Go have a listen and if you like it, try out the full version, for just a small fee you get a whole lot more!