An Introduction

Every little detail in Complete Relaxation was checked, double checked, and checked again. We were meticulous when it came to the production of this app, from the script to the music, everything had to be perfect. The voice of the guide in particular is very important, their vocal tone, pace and delivery, needs to be just right. Plus, naturally, they must practice meditation themselves and understand the importance of relaxation, calm and clarity in this ever changing world. This is fundamental when it comes to a meditation production.

We understand this and we’ve embraced it, our meditation apps are not just good, they’re great. We wouldn’t settle for anything less, so why should you!

The Vision

For Complete Relaxation we wanted offer something different, something that had never been offered on the App Store before! One fantastic meditation, but presented in two difference styles! Read by both a male and female guide. In this case, the fabulous Ross Puddle and Susanne Kempken. Take your time, relax and try out both guides. Listen to their presentation styles and chose the one that works for you. Or listen to one at bedtime and the other during the day, or rotate the guides on a daily or weekly basis. It’s up to you.

Meet Your Guides

Ross Puddle

A seasoned broadcaster in regional, national and global radio, Ross’s voice has been heard in 23 countries and numerous audio presentations to date. A self confessed hippy through and through, Ross has been meditating since the age of 16 and put a lot of his early success down to positive thought and the power of attraction.

Ross has written and recorded a number of meditations over the past 7 years and it very proud of his first public release, Complete Relaxation.

Susanne Kempken

Formerly a professional singer, Susanne Kempken is now best known for her soothing vocal performances as a voiceover artist. A serene and spiritually evolved individual, Susanne has practiced formal meditation for many years, and as a result, her voice is naturally imbued with a rare sense of sincerity and peacefulness.

Susanne has authored and narrated a number of guided meditation scripts and has been featured in some of the world’s most popular meditation audio productions.