Complete Relaxation – An Introduction

A stunning combination of the worlds most powerful meditation techniques, latest relaxation methods and bespoke music, this is Complete Relaxation.

Featured on iTunes for less than the price of a coffee, Complete Relaxation, the full edition, features two versions of the same beautiful meditation. One read by Ross Puddle and the other by Susanne Kempken. Although the script is identical these two talented guides are very different in terms of style, pace and of cause gender. At Zenoki, we wanted to be the first to offer you this choice and feel it provides a real contrast to your meditation experience.

Although we invite you to choose a favourite from either Ross or Susanne, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy both narrators. Why not listen to Susanne at bedtime and Ross first thing in the morning? This choice is easily made via the Settings Page, where you can also decide how you’d like to finish your meditation, with an awake or asleep ending. Plus there is a selection of nature soundtracks which like the bespoke soundtrack, can also be enjoyed on their own without the meditation program. Simply slide the guide volume to zero and breathe softy to the sound of summer rain or a babbling brook. It’s up to you.

Both Ross and Susanne have soft calming vocal tones, which are captured perfectly by the very best digital software and premium studio microphones.

The Soundtrack

As you can imagine considerable time was placed on researching, writing and preparing these meditations… but not until the music was chosen. As you’ll hear when you download your app, each recording is set to a bespoke soundtrack created from two pieces of meditation music, created by the Australian composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D. These inspirational compositions, the hypnotic “Essence of Peace” and the angelic “Heavens Gate” are perfect, and meditations in their own rights.

With each composition working seamlessly alongside the relaxation script, you’re taken on a guided journey through the body. Relaxing each and every muscle before being invited to float down into complete relaxation, where the positive affirmations begin.

Complete Relaxation – Lite Version

This, our free and introductory app is of similar length to the full version and features the same music and voice of Ross Puddle. However, its not as content rich as its premium brother and lacks the additional meditation from Susanne, along with the extra soundtracks and features. That said, even as a lite version it easily holds its own in the market and gives you an awesome introduction to our powerful meditation techniques. We’re very proud of this app and hope it will leave you rested, relaxed, and inspired! Go have a listen and if you like it, consider the full version. For just a small cost, you get a whole lot more!