Apple use Serenity for 6+ Promotion!

Apple use Serenity for 6+ Promotion!

Serenity chosen by Apple to promote their iPhone 6+

In a moment of wonder that will (possibly) never be repeated, Serenity: Meditation Timer has been chosen my Apple to help market their new iPhone 6+! The app, in all it’s glory, is being featured by Apple in every Apple Store Worldwide as a part of the summer 2016 promotion. Appearing set within an iPhone 6+, Serenity’s main page UI will be displayed in giant retail banners from London to New York, Sydney to Toronto and everywhere in between!

I’m also thrilled the above retail banner will appear as a part of the launch of key Apple Stores this summer including the Oculus building NYC, and their stunning red brick Brooklyn store pictured here. Copyright Apple.

What a thrill, what an honour! Thank you Apple, it was a pleasure. :)

Serenity: Meditation Timer for Mindfulness, Pilates, Zazen, Reiki and more