….deep within all of us, there is calm, focus and well being

In this ever changing world staying relaxed and stress free is hard work. How about that for irony! Life is busy, packed with distraction, unwanted stimulation and noise. It batters our senses and exhausts our bodies. It’s just the way it is, we tell ourselves, if we wish to be an active part of modern society we just have to keep up! And yes, to a certain extent, this is true. But doesn’t have to be so hard. We can take control and we can manage the noise. This is why Zenoki was created and this is where we can help.

Introducing Zenoki and our Apps
By Company Director, Ross Puddle

Zenoki (Ltd) came to fruition in the summer of 2012, a concept realised over a long weekend in the West Coast of Ireland. It was there in a small cottage nesting under the towering peak of Croagh Patrick, that a script popped into my head. This later became what is now known as Complete Relaxation, our App Store No 1 meditation. Released as a free and premium app, this fabulous meditation has just clocked 510,000 installs and remains a top 10 UK app to this date.

With it’s empowering beauty and commanding presence, the Irish countryside remains an inspiration to me and it was here where I also worked on “Ultimate Fireplace” the second app in my collection. Unlike Complete Relaxation, Ultimate Fireplace isn’t a meditation app as such, but a beautiful HD720 log fire.

During brightly, warm and soothing, Ultimate Fireplace was produced in 2013 for the Apple TV 3. Streaming a stunning crackling fireplace straight to your big screen. This was to be the first on a range of “relaxation video” apps, but due to technical restrictions this wasn’t to be. In December of 2015, two years later, Ultimate Fireplace (Pro) was released. Created for the Apple TV 4 and all iOS devices, this new and improved version of the original app, contains three 1080p HD videos. Bringing the app firmly up to date.

App number 3 of our growing collection was Focus, the Chakra Meditation. Released in 2014, Focus was produced to showcase the fabulous music of Australian composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D. I’d used two of Christopher’s tracks in Complete Relaxation and had fallen for his music. He’s good… very good! So when I heard his album “Seven Sacred Centres” an app just had to follow. So with Christopher’s support and permission, the Focus app was born.

Also in 2014, a busy year for myself and Zenoki Ltd, we started work on Serenity, the meditation timer.

Serenity was inspired by Buddhist meditations, particularly those taken in Tibet. These meditations are silent, guided by the sound of a Gong, Tibetan Chimes, Singing Bowls and other beautiful sounds. Serenity tries to recreate this environment with 16 HD sounds professionally recorded to the highest quality. This app, as well at Complete Relaxation and Ultimate Fireplace, has also been featured by Apple and has reached No1 in the App Store numerous times.

> EDIT: In Summer 2016 Serenity was chosen by Apple to promote their iPhone 6+. Find out more….

“We all need to pause, take a deep breath and appreciate the moment. But with life’s distractions, simulations and noise, this isn’t as easy as it sounds! Just remembering to focus your mind, if only for a minute, has become difficult”. This is the opening paragraph from our 2015 app, Mindful Me. Mindful Me contains the same 16 HD sounds as Serenity and works as a simple reminder app. Gently prompting the user to stop and take a moment of appreciation. Mindful Me, just like Focus, Serenity and Ultimate Fireplace, is localised into 13 languages and has proven very popular.

Our last and most recent app 1001 Inspirational Quotes was realised onto the App Store in 2016. Featuring the wisdom of the greatest leaders, poets, writers and alternative thinkers. 1001 Inspirational Quotes contains more than 19,000 powerful words in one app. It’s a free app that brings together the best of the best. No adverts, logins or other distractions, just open your mind, roll the dice and let the creativity flow!

What’s next

There are always two or three ideas bouncing about in my head at any one time, all of which could easily become an app if the energy flows. But for now my schedule is full of additions and updates. I want to insure my collection continues to shine in a increasingly busy App Store. Never has it been so hard to rise to the top.. Top 10, top 20, or even top 500. With near on 2.3 Million apps on the store to date, the challenge is real. But I’m doing ok. I have the time to breathe, the time to walk and admire the beauty of this planet. I’m a lucky man and life is good.

Please do check out the Zenoki range whilst you’re here. If you’d like a free app, then follow it’s link to the store. If you’d like a paid app, then simply drop me a note and ask. I will happily send you an app or two for free. It’ll be my pleasure.

Ross Puddle
Director Zenoki Ltd

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