Zenoki: #1 for Premium Quality Meditation Apps and Music

Here you’ll find our growing portfolio of apps and world class meditation music

Offered on iTunes for less than the price of a coffee; our perfectly crafted relaxation apps are amongst the very best available. Created with passion and sincerity by a team of just two, nothing but the best will suffice. Attention to detail is paramount.

Complete Relaxation

Presented with tone and clarity and set to a dreamy soundtrack that encourages deep relaxation and altered states of consciousness, our Complete Relaxation meditation remains our most popular app to date. Boasting over 300,000 installs on the AppStore alone, this app is truly unique, there really is nothing quite like it. Even the meditation music is bespoke and will compliment your meditation perfectly.

Complete Relaxation the lite and full versions are available for both Apple and Android devices, offering a wonderful introduction to our relaxation techniques and music.

Enjoy Complete Relaxation daily to experience the benefits of calmer mind, body and soul. Just pop on your headphones, relax and let us do the rest. With just 20 minutes a day, they’ll provoke a profound and very happy change in your life.

Ultimate Fireplace

The first app in our range of relaxation movies for Apple TV was released in February of this year, its name: Ultimate Fireplace. Install, relax and gently float away as you gaze into the flames of this real log fire, cracking softly in the background.

Made for all Apple devices including Apple TV, this stunning virtual fireplace also looks fabulous on the big screen HD TV. More videos coming soon.

> Ultimate Fireplace HD

Serenity: Meditation TImer

Serenity: A beautifully crafted enhanced Meditation Timer. Perfect for quiet contemplation, stillness and defined focus.

Take a deep breath, relax and allow Serenity to guide you through your daily meditation. Chiming gently throughout your session at times chosen by you.

Tibetan Chimes, Singing Bowls, Gongs, Bells and even Didgeridoo’s form part of your 16-tone collection. Recorded in an HD studio with the utmost of care, these tones sound just incredible. Temping you into a deeper state of relaxation with every chime.

> Serenity: Meditation Timer

Focus: Chakra Meditation

Awaken, purify and enliven the chakra energy centers of your body with seven stunning tracks from composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D.

Simply tap the chakra of your choice, focus softly on the mandala symbol and lose yourself in over 60 minutes of beautifully crafted meditation music.

With each track produced in the correct chakra key with its relating values in mind. You’ll easily enjoy a richer, deeper, more enlighten meditation experience.

Install Focus: Chakra Meditation, to open your sacred centers, bring balance to your chakras and awaken your kundalini.

> Focus: Chakra Meditation